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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, comments, or ideas,
feel free to contact us by e-mail

How much does it cost to join your program?
It is totally FREE! Simply go to our sign up page and fill out  the application. After you fill out all the fields correctly on our sign up page, you will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation with easy instructions on how to set up your links, choose your banners, and where you can check your real time stats.

How is your program better than other programs?
Our program is better because our sites are the best on the net! 
The only way that you can make any money in a partnership program is by having people join the site. So, if the site is good, the memberships will come easily. 
Linda's Foot Fetish Home Page was nominated by AVN for Best Fetish Site Of The Year, and our sign up ratio is awesome!

We provide you with high quality free content, a huge variety of banners that were made to be clicked on, creative eye opening text links, full page ads, consoles, free traffic, and tons of usefull resources and information to help you make money!!!!!

You'll find out how great our program is as soon as you start checking your stats and receiving nice big commission checks from us!

How do your payouts compare to other programs?
With our program, we will pay you if someone signs up for a 3 day trial membership!
There are NO ratios or other conditions required!. We also pay you for pop up console sign ups. If you send a person to one of our sites, and they wind up joining one of our other sites from our pop up console, you get credit for that sign up! 

How much will I get paid for each member I send to your site?
You will make $35.00 for every person you send that joins our sites.
Including trial memberships too. 

If I decide to change to your 60% program, how much will I get paid?
You will make a 60% commission on all INITIAL signups AND 60% commission on all RECURRING memberships. As long as the members you send stay, you will continue to be paid.....which means that each month your commissions will grow as you collect more members to our websites. 

Can I make money by advertising your program for other webmasters to join?
YES! You Earn a 5% commission from any webmasters you refer to our program! All you have to do is Advertise our program to other webmasters and we will pay you an additional 5% of their sales!! 

Is this like a regular link exchange?
No. We will not be linking back to you. This is a partnership program where OUR Job will be to maintain the sites, YOUR JOB will be to send us quality traffic, And you get a share of the profits from all the members you send us.

Can I use one account for all my websites?
Yes! You only need one account to advertise all of our sites on all of your websites. 

How do I check my stats to see how much money I'm making?
You can view your stats at anytime by simply going to your stats section and entering the login and password that will be sent to you immediately after you sign up. Your stats are updated in real time, so as soon as you make a sale, you can instantly see the credit! Your stats page is administered by CC Bill Transaction Services which is the BEST and most RELIABLE billing service on the Net!

When do I get paid?
All checks (over $50.00) will be mailed to you EVERY WEEK! If you send quality traffic you should be able to make that very quickly!! (in some cases in a matter of hours)

Who sends me my commission checks?
Your checks will sent to you  by CC Bill Transaction Services. Our account number 901665 will be on the check. 

Can I send blind links, tgp, or pic post traffic?
Yes, You can send traffic anyway you want as long as it is not spam or from a website that contains child porn, bestiality, rape, incest, celebrities or any other illegal, misleading or copyrighted words or personalities. 

Can I Spam?
NO! You may NEVER "SPAM" anyone in order to send traffic to our sites. Spamming is illegal. "SPAM" is unsolicited email and newsgroup postings etc. and if you break our "No SPAM" policy you will immediately be TERMINATED from our partnership program permanently and any and all of the monies due to you will be considered void. 
NO EXCEPTIONS! Please abide by all laws! 

How can I increase the traffic that I send to your sites?
Here Are A Few Good Sites That Can Help You Get More Traffic To Your Sites!

If you own a foot fetish realated site, 
Click Here! to join our Top List
Click Here! to join our Feet Links Site

If you have a page dedicated to foot fetish on your regular site, 
Click Here! to post it in our Thumbnail Gallery

If you have any kind of adult site,
Click Here! to add your site to Linda's Link Exchange And Search Engine
Click Here! to add your site to Charlotte's Friends Page


If you have any further questions, comments, or ideas,
feel free to contact us by e-mail